But back to the real point of this story. That night after we got our sweeties into bed and out of our hair he had me chose one of the four switches for him to use. So he peeled the chosen one and had me bend over standing up. My behind was bared of course as always. It was a fairly thick switch and he really swung it fast and hard. Geeeeze that thing stung! I wasn't laughing this time. He only gave me ten for an offense I had committed and ten was enough of that! I didn’t cry but I was really glad it was only ten or I might have. I was all red faced and sorry though that’s for sure.

So now I see that the switch properly used is in fact a VERY good tool for warming a woman's behind and rapidly bringing her to a place of repentance!

by forty something wife on 2005 Apr 3 - 07:01 | reply to this comment Proper use of the switch or riding crop I ready your comment about not using a switch. This dialog is a little long but I hope it helps paint proper usage and a clear picture.

I love my wife. But she steps out of line often. Here is how “WE” deal with it:

Use of a spanking implement is in my opinion is the best solution for punishment. The simple fact of using an implement promotes a higher awareness emotionally not to mention the desired physical results. The question is a switch or a riding crop? A switch made from various tree branches is simple enough, but because it might have some rough edges and could become brittle, I strongly prefer a riding crop. A riding crop is flexible, short and promotes a very small leather looped end. Most of the rods are made of a composite material, (I believe fiberglass) and are covered with a tightly woven nylon or leather mesh.

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