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Me: Hey was just thinking about you and had an interesting thought!
Her: Hmm....and what was it?
Me: U up for a short study break?
Her: What do you mean?
Me: A little fresh air and sunshine would do us some good.
Her: What in particular did you have in mind?
Me: me in the lobby in 15 mins. It won't take long ;-)
Her: I'm sorry. I don't think I can come. I was just about to call my boyfriend and then (her roommate) and I are going out for a bit. Sorry.
Me: Just a 5 min. walk, but if you're busy its cool :-).

After this I don't push anything bc I don't want to be seen as a stalker. A couple weeks go by without me seeing or talking to her. One night a bunch of people from the apt. go bowling. The psychologist and I end up carpooling in the same car and at some point she mentions something about her bf. I can't remember what she said exactly, but it implied that he doesn't live in the area. I ask her where he lives, and she says Kentucky. I mention that I was in a long distance relationship with a girl who lives in Ohio a few years back (which is true), and say that it was really difficult and that these things never work out.

I don't see the psychologist very often, but whenever I do, we usually smile and are friendly toward each other. I added her and her roommate as friends on facebook a while back. Her roommate added me, but for some reason the psychologist didn't. I'm not sure if she's just not interested, or if she is afraid to add me bc she has me in the category of potential sex parter or whatever and doesn't want her bf to see.

I saw her last week at a thanksgiving potluck, and her bf was there. I introduced myself to him, and ask if he's the guy that lives in kentucky. He says ya and is a bit surprised that I knew that, and I say that the psychologist talks about him all the time. She sort of laughs and asks him if he is embarrassed by that. When the psychologist leaves the potluck, we smile at each other and make solid eye contact.

So what is your input into the situation? Should I just sit back and let her come to me, or should I be aggressive about it? I am definitely still going to seek other women, but I am very impatient and the suspense sort of gets to me.

First, let me say that right now, I'm holding my cards close to my chest as far as the specifics of my future go. And as for the last part of the second email, what do you think you should do? Whatever you choose to do next, afterwards, ask yourself why do you think you succeeded or failed? Either way, it looks like you've made quite a bit of progress.

I was cleaning out my email, and saw that I had an email that I never replied to. I may have posted this in the blog before, but I'M not quite sure:


I like your posts, they are inspiring.

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