Some dudes love online dating. Some think it’s lame.

I’ve never formally done the online dating thing – meaning, I’ve never met a chick off Match, Plentyoffish or any of the actual “dating sites”, but I’ve still run a lot of “online game” I guess you could call it…

My expirience and history of online game is similar to that of my boy Solo’s (blog gone?)

Culdcept had some good posts on online dating/gaming, but apparently he’s gone too…

What’s going on, guys?

Anyway… back to my story. It started with Blackplanet, because that’s what everybody was on in high school. We’d message a girl back and forth, get her AIM screen name, move the conversation over to instant message, and then eventually get her phone number and move the convo to texting and calling.

That’s about all it was at first.

Then, there was MiGente?, AsianAvenue? and MixedRace?, all of which I also made pages and would message chicks on.

It wasn’t until college until I actually started to escalate meeting girls off of these sites to banging them in real life, but I did start to do that. Then, Myspace came along and I would message girls, meet girls and bang girls off of Myspace too.

But, Facebook was different….

At, first especially.

Since, Facebook you had to use your real name and your college email address, it seemed a lot more real. Everybody on my friendslist was somebody I had actually met in real life. Early on, I would add people on Facebook pretty much as soon as I would meet them – it helped me remember peoples’s names when I met them in college, otherwise I was pretty bad with names.

Because of this though, I never went around Facebook messaging random girls I didn’t know. It just seemed off-putting, try-hard and out of place. No. I’d use Myspace for that.

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