(your article blew my mind. i'm speechless and.. well, yea. Thank you for a very well written article! *blush*)

by maia on 2006 Mar 7 - 18:46 | reply to this comment Not my thing... No need for that. What is much more fun is subtle physical dominance but then I come at this from a liking particularly good mannered old-fashioned men. Bit of brute force for fun from time to time is fine but if someone is angry then I need someone who can control that and indeed walk away rather than hit a wall. Much more subtle whic his what I thought the thread was going to be about was the kind of semi public signs men in charge can show like the touch on your arm, the leading you to where he would have you go, the slap on the bottom (realise that's not everyone's preferred thing but I like it as long as it's not in too embarrassing a situation) etc.

by Hera on 2006 Apr 5 - 16:22 | reply to this comment Wow, it's been quite a while since I wrote this little article, and some interesting responses have come in. As predicted, some women are turned on by a man being physically forceful and intimidating (and thank you for your compliments on the article), and some women are not; and some women enjoy some of the tactics described but not others. Pity the poor man who is deluded enough to ask the question "What do women want?"

I would like to address some of the responses to the more dramatic and forceful gestures I suggested, such as the man slamming the wall near her head, or punching a pillow next to her head.

Nightangel wrote:

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