Reply: Do not chase her or force it. Stay in place and remain calm. Stare at her then tell her that her decision will have consequences. Refuse to explain further. If she didn't really want to go, take her out anyway. If she now refuses to go, or really wanted to go, don't take her. The next time she is out of the house, remove all of her clothing and place it in a closet to which you have installed a lock and have the only key. Remember to pull any of her dirty clothes out of the laundry room too. When she realizes she has no clothes, explain that from now on, you will be picking her clothes every day since she seems unable to compromise with a simple request for a date night. Then she only gets clothes that day if she must go to work or attend a critical meeting. When she agrees to wear what you like for date nights, give her back only the clothes that you like and those that she must wear for work.

At some point when you are taking her somewhere that she really wants to go, and where you are very unlikely to run into anyone either of you know, ask her to wear a short sleeved shirt with fabric that stretches. When she comes out ready to go, walk up to her and tell her that there is one more thing you need to do first, then through her shirt, unhook her bra. Reach up one sleeve and pull down the strap below her elbow and over her hand. Then proceed with the other strap. Then if her shirt is untucked, reach up under her shirt and pull the bra off removing it from under her shirt. If the shirt is tucked in, reach down the front of her shirt and pull the bra out of one sleeve, then the other. Then lay the bra to the side and tell her that now you're ready to go out with me. Keep one hand on her lower back to keep her from backing away from you.

Anticipated response: “What do you think you are doing? Stop. I can't go out without a bra on!”

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