Your post was interesting and I liked some of the things you said, but I'd be terrified if my husband slapped the wall by my head. What I like, (I think) is a show of force. By that I mean he does those things that you describe, but doesn't HURT me.

Of course, I was not suggesting that the man do anything to actually hurt the woman. That was the whole point: to intimidate and frighten her, and push her into submission, WITHOUT hurting her. Nothing that I described here is dangerous or harmful at all; so I'm having some trouble understanding why some people seem to think it is.

What his forceful tactics of intimidation are intended to do is to evoke her FEAR, yes. Why? Because some submissive women find it very erotic and thrilling to be frightened by the sheer brute strength of a powerful man; and because some dominant men enjoy intimidating a woman in this manner and watching her tremble and cower in submission.

The fact that not all people find this erotic is not an indication that none of us do, or that we should not feel this way. I don't particularly care for spankings, although I'd probably tolerate it if it wasn't too painful. But the fact that I don't much enjoy spankings does not mean that nobody else should.

ATIHR-#1 wrote:

I would be terrified if he punched a wall or anything near my head. This seems to be extreme and a gesture of violence and lack of self control. ...I would advise against the punching of any object.

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