by a Taken In Hand reader on 2004 Dec 1 - 20:10 | reply to this comment I'm glad I never ran into him. You met a guy who threatened to spank you within 5 minutes of meeting you? And you were thrilled? I'm glad I never ran into him.

by a Taken In Hand reader on 2004 Dec 2 - 02:56 | reply to this comment Backing into walls Well, I have been threatened with spanking very early on in a relationship, it was a little longer than five minutes, probably more like ten, but although it was said in a jocular manner the man who said it realised from the way I responded that I liked the idea (his previous girlfriend had also been turned on by spanking, so he recognised the signs). Presumably the man in the above comment could also tell that she liked the idea, or he wouldn't have done it, or would he?

One thing I do find amazing is how many women there are who are apparently turned on by being backed into walls. I've never had a thing about walls at all, being backed into one wouldn't do anything for me at all, but a lot of women seem to love it. Wall-backing as a means of erotic arousal is evidently a much more common thing than I would ever have suspected.

by Louise C on 2004 Dec 2 - 06:27 | reply to this comment Re: Backing into walls Interesting that I have been into spanking all my life but I have never once been threatened with a spanking by any man who has dated me, at least not before he was told I was into it. How in the world did this guy figure it out from your behavior in only ten minutes? And how were you provoking him so that the idea you needed one came to mind?

Being backed against a wall while being kissed can be sexy, but not when it's violent and rough the way Dee describes it. It's not the feeling of being trapped that is a turn on. I just like the feeling that something is behind me..supported maybe. That way I know that if he gave me a very passionate kiss I wouldn't fall over.

But rough shoving up against a wall and being trapped there? No thanks.

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